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Big Star’s FeelDog shows off his swag for “You Got Some Nerve”

Hip hop fans were able to witness a lot of swag from idol rappers Big Star‘sFeelDogB2ST’s Junhyung, and EXID‘s LE in the You Got Some Nerve” MV, but FeelDog has a little more to share.

FeelDog posted a charismatic behind-the-scenes cut on his Twitter with the message: “ONLY ONE~♥ Did you listen to ‘You Got Some Nerve’?!^^ I ask for your love and support with me taking on this genre of music and acting for the first time.^^!!! Please watch the live broadcast of the sitcom ‘A Bit of Love‘!”

The rapper made a bold statement in black and gold on the set of the “You Got Some Nerve” MV. Fans commented, “FeelDog successfully transformed into a hip hop rapper,” and “I’m looking forward to your acting.”

True to his group’s name, FeelDog has become a ‘big star’ in music by joining forces with hit-making producer Brave Brothers for “You Got Some Nerve”. The rapper will also be making his acting debut in the upcoming KBS 2TV sitcom ‘A Bit of Love’, while Big Star is planning to make a comeback before July of this year.

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[M/V] 어이없네 ‘you got some nerve’ - Yong JunHyeong, FEELDOG, LE (19+)

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Junhyung, FeelDog, and LE’s “You’ve Got Some Nerve” heats up SNS

Even though JunhyungFeelDog, and LE‘s “You’ve Got Some Nerve” has received some flack for media play, the song is still hotly popular online.

“You’ve Got Some Nerve” hasn’t ranked #1 on music charts yet, but it did sweep all the major portal sites’ real-time search charts. Not just that, but the lyrics to the song, especially the chorus, have been spreading like wildfire across TwitterFacebook, and me2day.

The full 19+ song will be released on the 25th. If you haven’t heard the 15+ version of the song yet, check it out here!

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어이없네 (15+ ver.) - Junhyung, FeelDog & LE

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Brave Brothers releases 15+ rated version of “You Got Some Nerve” ft. Junhyung, FeelDog, & LE

Hitmaker producer Brave Brothers joined forces with some of your favorite idol rappers like B2ST’sJunhyungBig Star’s FeelDog, and EXID’s LE to release the daringly titled track, “You Got Some Nerve”.

The producer revealed since the beginning that this project is not for the faint of heart as he clearly indicated that there will be profanity and some strong language for this ‘19+’ rated song, which perhaps only increased the anticipation even more.

However, it seems we’ve been taken for a ride. Instead of releasing the 19+ song today like they had mentioned, we’ve been presented with the ‘15+’ version today.

Brave’s reps explained the change: “We have been receiving requests for a public version to be released. So we took out the words rated 19+ and replaced them with beeps instead and decided to reveal the edited version on the 21st.”

The 19+ version is now scheduled for release along with the music video on the 25th, so as we wait patiently, check out the beeped out version below!

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: D-1 어이없네 coming soon Teaser image You got some nerve       (あきれる)

어이없네 [‘You got some nerve’] Teaser (FEELDOG)